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Now Reading: Words for Pictures (2014, BMB)

I am 35 (of 210) pages in of Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels (2014) by Brian Michael Bendis (Jessica Jones, upcoming Superman) and it is actually a pretty good read so far. Bendis tends to get a bad rap from a small but vocal segment of comic book fandom, but given his massive success in both the indie & corporate side of the comics publishing game with nearly two and a half decades of experience, the guy has much wisdom to impart on the subject of writing comics and graphic novels. Dude holds a professorship for comics/graphic novels courses at Oregon. There aren’t many books out there like this one and if you’re an intellectual you will glean information from any reliable source. #BookwormRuckus #ReadToFeed #ReadToSeed #ReadToSucceed

Comic Book Fetish Pull List | February 2017

~ For February 2017 ~ DC & VERTIGO Frostbite #6 (of 6) The Wild Storm #1 IMAGE Birthright #22 The Fix #8 Green Valley #5 (of 9) Image+ #11 Kill or Be Killed #6 Lazarus #26 Loose Ends #2 (of 4) Moonshine #5 Paper Girls #11 The Old Guard #1 Sex Criminals #16 Southern Bastards #17 MARVEL Jessica Jones #5 AFTERSHOCK Animosity#6 Rough Riders #1 BLACK MASK The Dregs #2 VALIANT Savage #4 (of 4) Z2 Grave Lilies #2

10 Comic Books Are Nominated in the 28th GLAAD Awards [Reblog]

  2016 may have been a dumpster fire of sorts, particularly in the political ring, but you can’t deny some of the awesome things we got too. For one, it’s been a great year in genre entertainment. GLAAD took note of plethora mediums that highlighted positive representation of the LGBTQ community and announced their nominees for the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards… via 10 Comic Books Are Nominated in the 28th GLAAD Awards — Welcome to the Legion!

Reading Comics As An Experience of Mythic Time | Hannah Means-Shannon

by Hannah Means-Shannon Over the holidays, I visited a number of bookstores as I traveled around for festivities, and was particularly interested in history and anthropology books since non-fiction is my current trend in prose. In comics, I seem to be jumping off the deep end in fantasy world-building, particularly impressed when a creative team seems to be able to present the logic behind the world they’ve made so that you, the reader, can almost keep constructing the world in your mind based on the logic they’ve presented you with. Collections I’ve read over the holiday that seem to do this are The Spire (Boom Studios), Klaus (Boom Studios) and The Black Mirror Batman cycle (DC Comics). But back to the prose, which does have a comics intersection. As a comic scholar looking at comics through the lens of psychoanalysis and anthropology in recent years, I had occasion to come across the works of philosopher and historian of religion, Mircea Eliade. His book on Shamanism [Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy] made a massive difference for …

Comic Book Fetish Pull List | Jan 2016

~ For January 2017 ~ ~ VERTIGO ~ Frostbite #5 ~ IMAGE ~ Birthright #21 The Fix #7 Green Valley #4 Image+ #10 Kill or Be Killed #5 Lazarus #26 (?) Loose Ends #1 Moonshine #4 Saga #41 & 42 Southern Bastards #16 & 17 (?) ~ MARVEL ~ Jessica Jones #4 ~ AFTERSHOCK ~ Animosity: The Rise #1 ~ BLACK MASK ~ The Dregs #1 (?) ~ ONI PRESS ~ The Damned: Three Days Dead ~ VALIANT ~ Savage #3

The Haul, Y’all – 4/8/2015

9 books plus bags n’ boards for them, about $35 bucks. Almost all Image Comics, which is no surprise for me. A few notes:  I’m so behind on reading Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity. I’ll have to devote a weekend to it sometime soon.  Birthright and Copperhead are both starting their second arcs. I’ve heard great things about Red One, and I’m stoked to close out the harrowing “Gridiron” arc in Southern Bastards. Descender started out strong last month. I still need to read  Secret Identities (I’ve only read a 5-page preview so far). And finally, this might be my last issue of Rat Queens I’m sad to say. My last few trips to the LCS have left me a bit bummed because there are so many other books I’d love to be collecting, but for all the usual reasons it’s just not a possibility. Boom! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, Black Mask and others have been making really solid plays in the indie/creator-owned game that’s dominated by Image Comics. For the discerning comic book fan who largely doesn’t …