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A Guitar Is Always Nearby

On the eve of Thanksgiving I was up in my bedroom alone while all the girls were downstairs watching this season’s Hallmark Christmas movies with their mom/aunt. I was getting sleepy really, having burned the candle longer this week than I should have. So I was starting to come to terms with the possibility that I was going to finally miss a day (night, really) of NaNoWriMo productivity after going a RECORD 20 DAYS STRAIGHT this year. I truly did not want to break the streak, which is just a personal goal of accomplishment, but I was a little too drained to muster the mental energy (I’m sure that whatever mental reserves I had left were exhausted after getting home from work and reading seven or so chapters of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis). An easy distraction for me in general is listening to music, whether it’s old favorites or discovering new-to-me artists and their tunes. Last night I was listening to various acoustic songs and since I have my two acoustic guitars in …

Daybook 3 | Autumn Descends

So I spent the latter part of the summer away from actively writing anything creative, instead spending a great deal of time inside my own head, and of course being a bookworm, getting caught up on lapsed reading and acquiring even more to read for both entertainment and research. During these past six weeks or so I dealt with a serious bout of lacking conviction in my path as a writer. To be clear, it’s not that I don’t believe in my ability as a writer (well, with the exception of my prospects of being a novelist in the foreseeable future), but I had serious doubts in my likelihood in drawing an audience in the vast sea of yet-to-breakthrough authors. I just need to mentally, if not publicly, remove the title/occupation/identity of “writer” from myself so as to remove the pressure to live up to that identity, as well as lessen the guilt some. By happenstance, I named an old composition of mine “Autumn Descends”. Have a listen.

My Music | Saint Ruckus

Saint Ruckus is the umbrella project name for a few different solo music projects that I consolidated together.  It’s all one-man-band, producer, self-engineered stuff by me at home in my la-bor-a-tory.  This is an anthology of some of the stuff I’ve done over the years, going back to 2007 up until around 2009 or so.  Mostly instrumental, ambient, electronic and rather short pieces as I consider them “micro-songs”.  A few are demo quality, but I don’t mind showing my warts. Instrumentation: a drum machine and various beat processors, keyboard, guitar, bass and voice. The first track “DR1” is the only one that is predominantly electronic programming. The rest are more composed by yours truly set to programmed beats with all instruments performed by me as well. My favorites? “Shadows in the Sky” “One Night Affair” “Table for Two” Ones with vocals? “Bittersweet Finale” has incomplete vocals, just one verse and one chorus. “The Mission” has me doing a mock rap since no one else was available. Check’em out.  There is plenty more music in the Vault that I’ll share …

LINKAGE: Ian MacKaye interview – “If You Want To Rebel Against Society, Don’t Dull The Blade”

A must hear/read audio and text interview with D-i-Y punk legend Ian MacKaye (The Evens, Fugazi, Embrace, Minor Threat, Teen Idles) of Washington D.C.’s Dischord Records, who is undeniably one of my musical heroes. Special thanks to P Sycho Sunshine Matthias for the heads-up linkage.