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The Comic Book Fetish Reading List – May 2016

~ As of May 2016 ~ IMAGE COMICS – Birthright – Bitch Planet (Vol. 1) – Black Magic – Criminal – Deadly Class (Vol. 1) – The Discipline – Faster Than Light – The Fix – Lazarus – Paper Girls – Plutona – Saga – Savage Dragon – Sex Criminals – Southern Bastards – They’re Not Like Us (Vol. 1) – Velvet – The Violent – A Voice In the Dark (Vol. 1) AFTERSHOCK COMICS – American Monster – B.E.K. (Black-Eyed Kids) – Jackpot! BENITEZ PRODUCTIONS – Lady Mechanika: The Lost Boys of West Abbey BLACK MASK PUBLISHING – 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank – We Can Never Go Home (TPB) BOOM! STUDIOS – Welcome Back DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT – Shaft: Imitation of Life VERTIGO COMICS – The Dark and Bloody

Comic Book Fetish Favorites – September 2014

In this edition of my monthly reflect on comic reads, I find myself rating two of my favorite writers high in one instance and low in another on their respective pair of titles on the list. Also, when a month fails to deliver new Sex Criminals and Rat Queens issues, the overall rating for the month as a whole is bound to be of a lower average. However, the good news is September did bring new issues of other faves like Lazarus, Velvet and of course Sagacame out regularly when it’s supposed to. Looking at the new metrics I’ve put together for rating, tracking and critically analyzing my monthly reading habits, September was the worst ratings-wise of the five months I’ve been keeping track of this. HOWEVER, it’s also the month with the most reads (21), so who knows how that all shakes down. For contrast, both July and August had seven titles at 4.0 or better. Check out the breakdown for September to see how my birth month compares. 1. Lazarus #11 (Image) 4.5 …

Comic Book Fetish Favorites – July 2014

Overall July was a better month than June in terms of what came out and the average quality (although no Sex Criminals is…criminal). For this list I’m going to expand to include the 15 books I read in July. A few notes: there were four all-new number ones in my reading pile this month: Black Market, Death Vigil, Low, Storm and Grayson, the latter of which reminded me that I don’t need a faux spy title while the excellent spy series Velvet is around. So, without further ado … 1. Velvet #6 (Image) 5.0 – some of the finest character + story work this century, Brubaker & Epting at their best. 2. Cyclops #3 (Marvel) 5.0 – can’t stress enough the high quality of this series under Rucka’s pen and Dauterman’s pencil. 3. Southern Bastards #3 (Image) 4.5 – Southern-fried justice served up with a big stick (literally)…can’t help but root for ol’ Earl Tubb. 4. Lazarus #9 (Image) 4.0 – satisfying end to this extended world-building second arc. 5. Saga #21 (Image) 4.0 – has rolled three 4 stars in a row, not normal, will it …

Promo: VELVET by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

Edit I‘ve just finished reading the first arc of VELVET by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting. It’s a really classy book…a spy caper/paranoid thriller book with style and grace. If you enjoyed what these two did on Captain America and the Winter Soldier books in the past, you’ll likely dig this too. I think it’s Brubaker’s best work to date, and Steve Epting’s art is even sleeker than it was on those Marvel books. Love the female lead, Velvet Templeton. Trade collection of the first 5 issues comes out on June 18th for $9.99.